/Dry Bath/

•   A wide range of temperature control up to 105℃.
•   Overheating protection.
•   USB interface can be used to trace historical data.
•   Sound reminder function.
•   External temperature sensor.
•   Block equipped with a lid for heat preservation and prevent pollution.
•   Knob adjustment is easy to operate.
/Dry Bath/
Specifications HB105-S1
Screen LED
Temperature range[°C] Room temp +5~105
Temperature setting range [°C] 25~105
Temperature control accuracy[°C 25~90:±0.3
uniformity@37℃ [°C] ±0.2
Power [w] 100
Time setting range 0~99h59min
External sensor Yes
USB interface Yes
Power supply 110/220V, 50/60Hz
External dimension[mm] 290x210x120
Weight[kg] 3.2
Operating temperature[°C] +10~40
Operating humidity [% RH] <80

Number and accessory
/Dry Bath/
Cat.No. Capacity Diameter Depth
18900459 0.2mL×30 6.4×15mm
18900410 0.5mL×20 8.2×26.4mm
18900461 1.5mL×20 11×34.7mm
18900462 2mL×20 11×34.7mm
18900412 5/15mL×12 17×48mm
18900413 50mL×4 29.8×48mm

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/Dry Bath/